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At Summit Renovations, we believe in “The Process”. In order for us to capture the culture of design and bring life to a client’s project, we need to have an established process.

It’s pretty simple – we need to create value and earn your business. We truly believe in rolling out the red carpet to give our clients the service they deserve, right from the start. You shouldn’t be getting random bids…there is a better way.

We can honestly say that we have never gone to a “bid” against another company. We believe that if a client is out collecting various bids from who knows where – we are probably not a good fit.

The Process

First:  We come to your home and talk. We get to know each other and your wants and needs for the space in question.

Next:  We have our designer come out to your home to do a laser-accurate measure of your “current” space. This is our blank canvas for future work. This is where we start to discuss ideas, preliminary budgets, and a potential timeline.

Collaboration Meeting:  After we have some concepts to show you, we sit down with you and the designer in our “Collaboration Meeting.” In this meeting, we get as much feedback from you as possible. We define direction and scope, and we discuss ideas, timing, and budget.

Business Meeting:  Once we have had the initial meeting with you, then have had our designer take measurements, and we have concepts to show you, at this point we ask for a design retainer in order to secure your start date and sign contracts. We then move into noting the plans with construction notes and selections.  We will ultimately use the notated plans to pull permits from and build from.

Final Review:  There is one more meeting to review the changes made at the Collaboration Meeting.  We review the noted plans, and the final budget.

To complete the Design Process:  We select your start date, then hand you a detailed schedule and line-itemed budget.

Pre-Construction Meeting:  The start of construction begins with our Pre-Construction Meeting, about a week before your project begins.  You get to meet the entire team, and they receive the plans and schedules to review your project.  This enables our trade partners to complete their site surveys.  They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming project.

Construction Begins: You will see a beehive of activity including framing, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, and electrical.  After inspections, we install drywall and texture, and start to work on final trims and finishes.

Project Complete: After final trims are completed and inspected, we introduce you to your “WOW”…the finished, beautifully renovated space that you were hoping for.

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