Popping the Top, or adding another floor to your existing structure, is a great way to gain valuable square footage in your home. Pop-Tops are much more affordable than the alternative of scraping, or tearing down, your existing home and then rebuilding. When square footage sells at a premium in a neighborhood a Pop-Top is a very good investment.

Imagine nearly doubling the square footage of your existing home for a fraction of the cost of a rebuild while still adding premium space! Pop-Tops and Pop-Bottoms (Click here to Learn More about Pop Bottoms) are the perfect solutions for homeowners that love the area they live in but need more space. Here in Colorado many of the homes built in our favorite neighborhoods, such as Washington Park, are two bedroom single floor homes with little room for storage. This makes space an issue for growing families or homeowners with lots of stuff!

  • More Affordable than Scraping and Rebuilding
  • Adds Considerable Value to the Home
  • Retains Existing Style Elements
  • Great for Growing Families
  • Great for Increasing the Sale Price of a Home

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