Basements are our core competency. This is very different than whole-house renovations, as it requires such unique specialization. Sometimes basements can require significantly less work and sometimes much more work (especially when creating a Pop-Bottom). However, they all get the same attention as we capture the culture of design.

One of our specialties on the basement side is that we never leave a basement looking like a basement. These spaces are important to the flow of the house and should carry the finishes you have established upstairs through to the renovated basement space.

Basement renovation skill is particularly critical in our homes that were built 100 years or more ago, it takes significant expertise, and we feel we have one of the best teams in Denver. Our engineers have been working with municipalities for decades and are known on a first name basis.

Recently, we have pioneered a term called Pop-bottom©. You’ve heard of popping the top on a house but up until about a year ago, nobody was really thinking about popping a bottom. Economically, it makes more sense; you don’t have to move out, and you would be amazed at what can be done with 800-1000 square feet. We can dig down 5″ all the way to 15′ in order to capture those 9′ and 10′ ceilings.

We also offer what we call the 70% solution. We help you save money on your basement remodel projects by providing a range of options so you can leverage our building expertise and professional basement design services but complete the project on your own or at a later date. This is a great option if you are looking  for more space but do not necessarily need a completely finished space.

Again, our backbone is design and process. Take us for a test drive and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Please contact us for more information on Pop-Bottoms and Basement Renovations.

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