Finishing Touches on the Wash Park Pop-Top

May 22, 2013By ryan750 S. York, Blog, Pop Top

It has been a crazy Spring so far in the construction world. We’ve had huge late season snowfalls and long days of rain. Its great for the state of Colorado to be getting all this precipitation but unfortunately it can slow progress. Despite any little setbacks with the weather, our team has pressed on and … Read More

Video Pop-Top Blog

March 20, 2013By ryan750 S. York, Blog, Pop Top 2 Comments

Why just tell you about the great progress at our 750 S. York Pop-Top project when we can show you! Dave and Todd created this great video describing the process of a Pop-Top and showing the progress we have made in the last few weeks as we added support beams, a floor, framed the walls … Read More

Floors Are Sheeted & A Two Car Garage Is Up!

March 8, 2013By ryan750 S. York, Blog, Pop Top

Its been about a week since the snow storm and we have made some significant progress on our Wash Park Pop-Top. We have installed the rough plumbing and sheeted the floors for the new level. This is exciting as it should make the work more safe and move faster. At the same time, Summit Renovations … Read More

Come Rain or Snow. We’ve Got It Covered!

February 25, 2013By ryan750 S. York, Blog, Pop Top

Despite Mother Nature, we continue to make progress with our pop top project in Wash Park! Our team has been on weather patrol and have done a fantastic job protecting our project from the snow. The roof is completely off and our new second floor has been framed. We have poured the concrete slabs for the … Read More

Pop Top Construction is Underway!

February 15, 2013By ryan750 S. York, Blog, Pop Top

14 days into our ‘pop top’ and progress is underway! The original garage is gone. Our crew carefully removed the existing structure, while managing to salvage the designer brick for reuse on the house and new garage. We installed new electrical lateral between the house and garage and literally spent time in the trenches replacing … Read More

750 S. York Pop-Top Project

January 3, 2013By ryan750 S. York, Blog, Designs, Pop Top

Over the next few months we will be posting articles and images regarding our upcoming Pop-Top project at 750 S. York St. in Denver. We are extremely excited about this project and are looking forward to turning this family’s dream home into a reality! Pop-tops and Pop-bottoms are a great way to add valuable space … Read More